Inspiration Of The Month

"I can breathe!"

When I was twelve years old the doctor told me I had asthma, and every time I wanted to do any physical activity I had to use an inhaler. It was really difficult to remember every time and it really slowed me down. I love playing sports such as running, tennis, water polo, swimming, and football. The inhaler didn't work very well and tasted horrible. I had asthma attacks often and I hated being left out. When my mom started going to Dr. Dale for chiropractic care, she found out that chiropractic could help my asthma. I have been under Dr. Dale's care for two months and I have been slowly getting better. Now I can play tennis with my sister and her fiancé and I am able to keep up.

My goal… Wellness

Near the end of 2006 my friend, Shelley, referred me to Dr. Nate. My life had deteriorated to the point of not moving in the daytime and not sleeping at night. After many years of struggling with pain on my own, I had become overwhelmed with fatigue, obesity, depression, and isolation. It was a spiral in the wrong direction and I did not know how to snap myself out of it. Chiropractic seems to be "the answer I wasn't looking for." I start each day with a "Dr. Nate Power Smoothie," come in for an adjustment three times a week, and go for a walk right away. My home is running smoothly again as I learn to take better care of myself. My goal is not a number on the scale or a distance on the track. My goal is to choose wellness today, one day at a time. Dr. Nate and chiropractic are helping me achieve my goal!

A Little Boy's Life Without Asthma

Jose Manuel has always been an overactive child. But soon after a terrible cold he was diagnosed with asthma. Forcing us to completely change our family's lifestyle, the medical Doctor said no pets, no grassy areas, no playing outside. Although it broke our hearts, we complied and gave our family dog away. The medical doctor also said, "He needs to be in a cold room." Let's face it, a two year old in cold closed room, yeah right. Oh, not to mention three different medications every four hours.

We were told about a health talk that Dr. Nate was having, and decided to hear what he had to say. We learned that chiropractic could help my son's asthma. Well, just after a few visits to Dr. Nate's office, Jose Manuel's asthma was completely under control. He did a complete 360! He was our overactive little boy again. We told Dr. Nate about how we had to give away our family dog, and he told us that children that grow up around animals actually have less allergies! We went right back to the dog shelter and re-rescued our family dog. We have our pets back, and Jose Manuel has his life back. Thanks Dr. Nate!

Loyal Patient

Before going to Dr. Dale I went to other doctors who only prescribed me pills that helped for the moment. My knee only got worse.

When I went to Dr. Dale, not only did I have torn cartilage, but I was emotionally distressed. As soon as Dr. Dale started working on me I started feeling stress free and my knee felt better. Since then, I haven't been sick for two years.

The more I learn about chiropractic procedures, the more I realize that it affects my health now as well as in the future.

Thank you so much,


I've been playing organized sports since I was four years old, but I first started running four years ago at age ten. I was recruited to run with the Southern California Roadrunners during the Mt. Sac Invitational. I showed up to the first practice and instantly, running became my favorite sport. I had always been one of the smaller kids but when I joined the running team everyone else was built just like me, so I thought to myself, "Oh my gosh, I fit right in." After a few years of running, my knees started to hurt, so my doctor recommended a knee band. Then one day my mom invited me to come watch her adjustment with Dr. Nate so that I could see just what chiropractic was all about. After the second visit, I asked my mom if I could start coming to see Dr. Nate and she immediately signed me up. After only a couple of adjustments I no longer needed my knee band and I was feeling great! Now, after seven months of seeing Dr. Nate, I am feeling strong and my running performances are improving. My goal is to go to college at the University of Oregon on a full running scholarship just like my idol, Steve Prefontaine. I may not go on to run professionally, but I will definitely run all my life for the health benefit, and because I love it so much!

Alex S.